About the Area

Discover the Hidden Treasures of Boron

The Boron Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Boron and discover the hidden treasures of our small desert town. In Boron you can spend a leisurely day browsing our antique and gift shops, enjoying a home cooked meal in one of our restaurants, taking in our unique main street exhibits, and visiting our world-class mining and aerospace museums. Boron is the kind of community where people pull together and work hard to accomplish great things. The community-minded citizens of Boron have donated thousands of dollars and hours over the last 20 years to preserve our rich mining heritage and our community's involvement in the advancement of aerospace research. Two of our communities greatest accomplishments include the opening of our Twenty Mule Team Museum on August 8, 1984 and the recent dedication and grand opening of our Saxon Aerospace Museum on September 5, 2003.

Mainstreet Attractions

While visiting Boron, the Chamber would like to invite you to visit our "Mainstreet Attractions" spread along Twenty Mule Team Road in downtown Boron. These historic exhibits showcase some of the mining equipment and aerospace memorabilia that have contributed to the rich history of our area.

Our "Mainstreet Attractions" include Old Number One, the first Electra Haul dump truck used at U. S. Borax, a 1950s International Harvester firetruck, a seven-foot tire from one of the giant ore haulers used at nearby U. S. Borax, our world-famous weather rock, a rocket booster chamber from the Rocket Test Site at Edwards Air Force Base and assorted antique mining and farm equipment.

Just a short five minute drive from downtown there is also the Borax Visitor Center. The Borax Visitor Center features ore and rock exhibits, a tailings pile where rock hounds can dig for their own rock and ore samples, a panoramic view from the edge of the world's largest open pit borax mine and one of the few remaining sets of the Twenty Mule Team ore wagons once used to haul borax from Death Valley to the railroad spur in nearby Mojave.

Every Fall, Boron celebrates the rich mining and aerospace history of our town with our annual Twenty Mule Team Days celebration. The event officially begins on the first weekend in October with an evening of Bobcat football at our high school's homecoming celebration. Saturday's events begin with a parade down Twenty Mule Team Road kicking off two fun-filled days of food, entertainment and community sponsored activities. Most of the activities are located at our historic city park which was used in the filming of the Julia Roberts movie, "Erin Brockovich". For more information on Twenty Mule Team Days and other Chamber sponsored events visit our Community Calendar and Events pages.